Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have been reading. I have been reading way too much. I have put off important things that need to be done, just to lose myself in a book. I really love to read, I can read the longest books in just a day or two. My husband has been very understanding, and I really appreciate that. I think I am finally coming to the end of my constant reading, and I actually want to do something that produces results that everyone can see. There was a time in my marriage that my husband actually had to strongly recommend that I not read, it was way back when my 2 oldest were much younger. I would not even look at books, I had to train myself to not even wonder what wonderful stories were out there that I might be missing. Then as the kids got older, I started reading some of the books they were reading, like Harry Potter and Twilight. I proved I was capable of doing both, reading and taking care of my family. Yet, lately, I have retreated into my constant reading stage, you would think I know better. So, I am going to work on other stuff today and try not to read much. One good thing from my love of reading, is that I have always highly encouraged my kiddos to read, and they are all big readers. I hear parents complain about their kiddos not reading and I don't say anything, this has never nor will it ever be a problem for me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life got messed up...

So, we had a great time in Goshen. It was a little frustrating setting our stuff up in the rain, but we pulled together and with some help form our re-enacting buddies we got it all set up and we all slept in the main tent that first night. It was chilly and rainyish on Friday, so the school kids came a little later. There were no battles, because not enough indians showed up across the way for us to fight against. That was fine, the guys showed the students the guns and how they shot, explained pirate life and I even showed them how to keep a fire going with my cool blow tube. I got my picture in the Elkhart newspaper cool! We even got to do a tiny bit of shopping and met a new guy that sold the coolest pewter buttons. We invited him to come visit our camp and he enjoyed biscuits and gravy with us Saturday morning. By the end of the weekend we had bought $30 worth of buttons, but they were so cool. Saturday was still chilly and had bits of rain, but we got some visitors which was really nice. Sunday was just a positively beautiful day!! The sun was out and it was warming up. This was great because it made packing up so much easier. I will try and post some pictures from the weekend soon.

Then Monday happened! Like so many Mondays after a re-enactment, we were all tired, so I let the kiddos sleep in until 7am instead of getting them up at 6:30am and just planned to take them to school. Sari left in her car to head off to school while I got the kiddos ready to take. Dwayne had some extra work that needed to be done, so he was staying home as well. Then came the phone call, the call you really never want to get, a police officer telling you that your child has just been in an accident and you need to come and be with her. We all loaded up into the van, not knowing what to expect, it was not pretty, the whole front of the car was totalled and my darling daughter was covered in blood, but she was walking. She had done some serious damage to her mouth, she knew it was her fault, she was upset and sorry, but from what we could tell no one was seriously hurt, no one left the scene with the ambulance. After chatting with the EMT, we decided to take Sari to the dentist to have her mouth looked at. Getting home we decided her nose needed to be looked at as well, we went off to to a walk-in clinic and discovered that yes, she did have a broken nose and a nice gash in her chin that needed stitched up and then went off to the dentist. One look at her and he sent us off to the emergency room because he said the jaw was definitely broken and there was nothing he could do. One cat scan later proved that her jaw was broken in 3 areas which sent us off to Indy to another doctor because there was no one at Ball hospital that could help us. We got lost trying to find the hospital we were suppose to be at, we finally got there and you could tell they were waiting very excitedly for Sari, they were IUPUI students and they were ready to tackle this broken jaw. The 2 students we got, quickly put Sari to ease, the female doctor was foreign, we are thinking German, was Sari's absolute favorite, but the male doctor was very nice trying to explain things to me. I laugh, because each time we go in, they still call me mom instead of by my name. They tried to close her jaw that day in the office, but it could not be done without causing too much pain, so we went back on Wednesday for her to be put under and have it closed. She has now had her jaw wired shut for just over 2 weeks and has 4 more weeks to go. We go back to the office each week to have her looked at, where she gets to see her favorite doctor. The liquid diet she is on is hard, but she is keeping up good spirits through it all and I am very proud of her. Dwayne has joined her on her diet, which is very good of him, but very hard on him. I am struggling with even wanting to cook, so I am looking into more soup like recipes. I am sure my family will be tired of soup, but oh well, we are all trying to show the best support that we can.

So, this has kind of set us back some. We have some serious bills to be paying off, but such is the way of life. We are just glad that Sari is healthy and alive. Life is finally settling back down into a regular routine for us. It has been nice to see God's hand in all this, a very good reminder to us, since sometimes you can forget that God has His hand in your life at all times.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caffeine is Great!

I just love a good peppermint latte with extra whip cream from Starbucks. I have them from other places and they are good, but still not Starbucks worthy. Just had to share that.

Yesterday started out early...really early. Dwayne got up at 4:30am to work, I got up not too long after him to get the day started. After everyone left, I had my pile of stuff to do. I spent the better part of the morning working on bills and budget fun! Then I had to go grocery shopping. This should be fun, to go shopping without anyone with me. There use to be a time where I could not wait to do this by myself, but now that I do so much by myself, it is just not fun. Plus, no matter how fast you are, it always takes hours to get things done in Muncie...yuck! My treat to myself when I was done was a Grande Peppermint Latte with extra whip cream and cream cheese danish to go from Starbucks. This was my 3rd cup of coffee for the day. When I got home and put away the groceries, I did not feel like doing any of the stuff on my list, I just wanted to play on the computer. But then all of a sudden the caffeine kicked in and I was off. I got my chilli made, bagged and froze, got the sausage all cooked and froze. I packed up all the clothes into the trailer, even packed up the table. I drove the kids crazy and made Dwayne laugh at me, I think they all hid from me for awhile, until dinner was ready and then they had to be back around me. But I felt good with what was done.

Now, today is my baking day. I have already got bread mixing in the bread machine on the dough cycle. Bread machines are wonderful. I never cook the bread in them, just use them for their dough cycle, then I shape the dough how I want, let it rise one last time and bake it in my oven. I even used one bread machine until it died. I have to do up dishes, make cupcakes, pancakes, more bread and pack up food. We leave tonight for Goshen. I know it is suppose to be chilly and rainy, but I can't help it, I am still excited. Don't you feel sorry for my hubby, he has to put up with my giddiness when I am like this...poor guy!

I will try to get pictures posted from the weekend early next week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy day ahead.

My day was really busy yesterday. I got 2 more things marked off my list, plus the normal day to day chores. I watched my 2 little buddies, one who refused to take an afternoon nap, poor guy. Plus, I went to watch Dora at her Spell Bowl meet. I took some hand sewing with me to make the time go faster. As soon as her meet was done, I rushed her home, dropped her off and headed off to a band booster meeting that I was at until after 8pm, then finally got to come home to a little bit of dinner that my kiddos left me. Whew....busy day, but today is not much different.

We will be leaving tomorrow for our 3rd re-enactment of the season. This is the first time we have ever tried doing 4 re-enactments in less than 2 months. It is tiring. Today I will be cooking and freezing some of our food for the weekend, grocery shopping, taking apart our table to be packed, and packing up clothing for the weekend. Tomorrow I will spend the day baking fresh bread and cupcakes for the weekend. I am looking forward to the weekend, but since this is the first time we have done this event, I am a little nervous how it will go. Plus, the weather looks bleak for us this weekend, rain on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but it is suppose to be dry on Sunday. Well as dry as it can be after 3 days of rain. It should be interesting setting up in rain, and packing up after 3 days of rain...yuck.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 things done...

I was able to get 3 things marked off my list yesterday. My bedroom looks so much better now. Even my hubby was deeply impressed. So impressed that he thinks I should be able to get lots of cleaning done each day...silly, silly man. I have little buddies hanging out with me today, but I am sure I will be able to do something else to mark off my list...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting to that point...

It always amazes me how long I can go before things really start to bug me, but I think I have finally hit that point. My poor hubby has to put up with a lot, because he would seriously be a clean freak if it were not for me. I can let things go way too long before I decide it is time for a good cleaning. It has been kind of hard to get use to being home while the kiddos are at school and to try to figure out exactly what I should be doing during the day. I am noticing messes piling up and today I will begin to unravel the messes and get rid of some things. It is going to take a lot of will power to stay on task, but if I make a list of projects that need to be cleaned and just take it one mess at a time, it will feel good to have it done.

On another note, we have another re-enactment coming up this weekend. We will be driving up to Goshen, IN for our first time at the
Gathering at Five Medals. I am sure the weather will be colder, but I have heard it might warm up some, so we will just have to see. I have looked at my past pictures and I really plan to get some pictures of all of us in our clothes. I would really like to get another family picture. I really want a new picture of me so that I can use it on my facebook profile. Dwayne has been working on some new projects that I am very excited about. He made a new bench to use inside the tent, but being the practical man that he is, he made it so that it is a box as well, and it will hold a lot of my dry foods. We needed a bench to sit on to get dressed in the morning. It is really hard to sit on rope bed. I would like to get a linen chemise made this week, but I really should have done that last week. This goes back to the not getting done what I should be doing during the day while everyone is gone. Dwayne also made me a tiny, but sturdy little stool that I will be able to use when I am working on the fire. He has been busy.

Well, I better get started on my day and really hope to have some good clothing pictures to upload next week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another weekend of fun...

We had a great weekend at Mississinewa 1812. We tend to stay very busy at this weekend event. Dwayne and Sari participated in the River Pirate battles, with our friends Dave and Matt. Sari does a great job carrying the black powder for the cannon.

Our weekend had a rainy start with a thunderstorm on Thursday night. We stayed warm and dry in our tent with our wool blankets. It was muddy on Friday morning and the wood was damp, which made some difficulties get our morning fire started and breakfast very late. Thank goodness Dwayne was able to get us some straw to cover up the mud in our camp area. I don't mind dirt, but I am not fond of mud.

The days were cool, which was so nice, because we finally got to use some of our wool clothing. We had a bit rain each night. We had planned to use our new stove, I even sewed an insert into our tent for the stove pipe this summer, but really we did fine without it. I am sure it will be needed at the next event which is coming up on Oct. 23rd.

We enjoyed a great deal of shopping over the weekend. We got some new items that will make a nice addition to our camp, a new iron grill to cook on, some new shoes, new wool gloves and a pair of iron tongs that I really wanted.

We were sorry that Brighton missed the weekend, but he was off at Washington DC with his class. He had a good time, but was disappointed when he heard we had the cool weather. Now we just look forward the the next event. Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Dora and Cody play on the river.

Sari and Sari go off to the dance with our friend Dennis, I was way too tired to go, so it was nice to have a friend take the girls.

How beautiful Sari and Sara look for the dance Saturday night.

Our Captain Bob, the big attraction to our camp.

Miss Longnecker with Dora and Tobi. She is Tobi's first grade teacher and Dora's Spell Bowl coach.

A little time in the boat, but it was a little hard to get out of it.

Dinner time! Please excuse non-period dinner, tacos can be a very easy camping dinner.

We really enjoy pulling our tables out to do our meal together.

Sari was the powder wench again this weekend for the cannon crew.

A good picture of our cooking area. Dwayne warms himself, while our water heats up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Koh-koh-mah 2009

We had our first event of our re-enacting season. I have been keeping busy sewing since the kiddos have started school. I still have lots that I want to work on, but I am trying to go at a slower pace so that I don't get burned out and not want to sew at all after the events are done. I have been diving into more research about fabric and clothing styles lately, reading blogs about other peoples projects and it only makes me want to sew more. I am lucky to have kiddos who love to do this with us, because I love making them clothes that they enjoy wearing for the whole weekend. I am quickly finding that I will have to make me some more clothes, because I did not have anything to change much this weekend and I really want some new stuff. Sari loves the regency clothing, which we could not wear at Koh-Koh-Mah, due to it being French & Indiana War, which is pre-regency time.

I have uploaded a few pictures from our September 18th thru 20th Koh-Koh-Mah event, there are tons more, maybe I will upload more later. I also have our Mississinewa 1812 pictures to upload soon, but I haven't even started on those yet.

Dora in her period correct cloak, with her non-period correct
Dwayne headed down earlier on Thursday than I did, he took the 3 younger kiddos, while I waited on Sari to finish trying out for the school play and finish up my own last minute projects. There is something about trying to get everything ready for that first event, it takes me forever and I run around trying to remember what all we might possibly need. Sari and I got there just as everything was unloaded and the kiddos were all hungry. Dwayne headed back home to do some work that came up last minute, he came back Friday afternoon. Anyways, the group of us went out for some pizza, then I brought back the new guy, Dennis, with me and my kiddos, while everyone else went shopping. I still had to make beds up and get things set up to be ready for the Friday school day. That was not much fun trying to do in candle light. On the ride back to camp, I apologized to Dennis about the randomness of my kiddos, they jump from one subject to the next without even a pause, he made the comment that the randomness was nothing, but he was amazed that they never stopped talking. I listened for a moment and I guess I am so use to it that I didn't realize that between the 4 of them there is never a quiet moment, when one stops talking another one starts and sometimes they don't even wait for the other ones to stop talking. Just goes to prove how good I am at multi-tasking, because I can keep track of all their discussions. I really have no idea where those kiddos get their talkativeness. Anyways, back to camp, we all changed for bed, putting away our modern clothes for until we packed up on Sunday.

Tobi sits around the fire, we all smell so much of smoke by the end of the weekend, there is just no way around it, but we love the smell of camp. I cooked breakfast everyday, which was a lot of fun for me. I love cooking over a campfire. My mom got me a cast iron tea kettle which holds lots of water for doing the dishes, that is a huge help.

Our new friend, Dennis, stands in front of his tent. We made so much fun of him because he kept bringing out stuff to set out to sell and we could not figure where it all came from in that small tent. Dora, Brighton and even Tobi helped man his selling blanket. He paid them a small amount for their time, but they just enjoyed having something to do.

Dora takes a few moments to rest on the beautiful Saturday. The only bad thing about this weekend was the dusty dirt that was just everywhere. The weather was quite nice.

Sari spends some time playing with Tobi and Cody. Cody is the son of our friends, Dave and Tammy. They have been re-enacting a lot longer than us and they have been very helpful as we try to figure out the right stuff we need. Cody loves playing with my kiddos, and Sari does such a good job entertaining the younger ones.

Here is a picture of our kitchen table, obviously I have not done the dishes yet, I must have been avoiding the work ahead of me. I bring snacky foods that can be set out to snack on all day long, cupcakes, grapes, and bread.

Dwayne and Brighton are getting ready for the day. Check out my new red kitchen cabinet back there. My hubby did an awesome job making that for me this past winter. It stores so much of my stuff and has tons of room to work as well.

Dennis had a lot of fun letting Brighton try out some of his clothes. Brighton really enjoyed this since usually only the girls get to dress up in cool clothes and because he is growing so fast I don't make him anything fancy. Dennis was just about Brighton's size and had tons of clothes with him.

Brighton looks very flamboyant here...

This is an inside look at our tent. The little girls bunk beds.

This is how close they sleep to our rope bed.

These 3 stacked boxes are our dresser, they come apart to be carried separately, but hold a great deal of our clothes. Dwayne worked hard on these as well this past winter. After this weekend he had to make Sari her own trunk for her great many clothes.

Here is an inside look to our rope bed. It is more comfortable than it looks, although we are going to have to make some modifications soon. Still need to get things worked out with it to make it a little more comfortable for Dwayne.

It was really a great weekend. We really love doing this. I love making the clothes. We have our 3rd event coming up in the next few weeks and I plan to take pictures of the kiddos in their outfits to show off all the new things I have made.

Monday, July 6, 2009

So much for daily updates...

Around our house things stay busy. The kiddos last day of school was June 12th, after a busy weekend, they headed off to my parent's house on Monday, June 15th. On Wednesday, June 17th, I got rid of our 2 cats....they had just pushed me too far, and then I picked my kiddos up from my parents on Thursday, June 18th and broke the news to them about the cats. They took it well.

We had another good and busy weekend, the kiddos and I packed up the van and headed out to Georgia to visit a friend of mine. Twelve and half hours later we arrived in Georgia. My kiddos travel great!!! Even with the fact that we have no air conditioning in our van....I know, I know...this is just horrible of me, but I don't do well with air conditioning and my poor kiddos suffer because of it. They did great though, no real fighting, we only had 3 stops and they did not complain, what more can a mom ask for??? We spent our first day just hanging out at my friend's house, then on Wednesday we headed to Tybee Island over by Savannah, GA. At first we had trouble finding a parking place, because the place my friend normally parks at was closed because they were filming a disney movie, so we had to find another parking area. Once we got parked we headed out to the beach. I must say, I am not fond of sand....I know...I know, I'm weird, people tell me all the time and I'm ok with We spent 2 hours on the beach and I'm sure the kids would have spent more time, but we really wanted to head back into Savannah and check out some of the historical sights before we started the 3 hour car drive back to my friend's house. Savannah is very cool! We only got a small taste of the history, but it was fascinating. We spent Thursday chilling at my friend's house, so we would be rested up for the 12 hour drive on Friday back home. Once kiddos did great on the drive home. Dora and Brighton only got a little restless as we got near home, but still the kiddos traveled great. We did those 12 hours again, with only 3 stops....amazing!

We got home late Friday night, and even though we had been in the car for over 30 hours in 5 days, we still wanted to do something on Saturday. Off to Conner Prairie on Saturday we went. With a family our size it only cost us a dollar more to get a family year membership, so I am betting the kiddos and I will take some days this summer and go back. It was a great day!

Monday, June 29 Dora went back to violin lessons, this very good for her to keep up with this summer. The week was an easier week for us. I have been sewing again and it feels so good. I made Brighton a new shirt and fitted a pair of Dwayne's pants britches that were big to fit Brighton, started a new wisket(vest) for Brighton, and finished a chemise for me. The fourth of July weekend was a good one. The kiddos spent Friday night with Dwayne's parents and we picked them up early on Saturday to do a day trip to Corydon, IN for a comments on that The day trip ended early, so after picking up some "regular" clothes for Dwayne and I, we went to an Imax theatre to watch Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen. Brighton was sooooo excited. It was a good movie, I could have done without some parts of showing off people's bodies, but oh well. Another late night home met with a late morning. Sunday was spent lazy like...just a nice grilled linner as Dora calls it (lunch + dinner = linner) and lots of movies. We had to head to bed early because Dwayne has to be up early for work.

Now, we are heading into the month of July full of marching band practices and contests. It will be a busy time for my family, but we are looking forward to it. I can't believe how quickly the summer is going already, but at least we are enjoying it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 months later...

Oh my goodness, how horrible of me...3 months and I have not even touched my blog. Life has changed so much in the past few months. I am no longer employed, my hubby is calling me a burden on society. I may look for another job in the fall, it will depend on a few things. I am finally getting ready to sew again, starting today right after this blog. My kiddos are begging for new re-enacting clothes (although the vote is that Sari has to be last, because she already has so many clothes...) I have promised a couple of pieces of clothing to some friends as well, so I have my work cut out for me. I am discovering there is so much that needs to be done, that just has not gotten done since I was always busy working. I have also been painting and I will continue to do that soon. I think I might get my kiddos all involved to help me paint when they are all home again.

Next week the kiddos and I are heading down to Georgia to see a very good friend of mine. I have been telling her how much I want to come and see her since she moved down there, but we have never been able to work it out. I thought there would be no way this summer either, until I suddenly quit my job and what do you know, I finally had some time.

Starting in July the 2 older kiddos will start their band duties. I am very excited for them! I can't wait to see how the little Monroe Central Band will do this year, although this may be one of the last summer that they are little, there are lots of band kids coming into the band over the next few years.

Well, there is just a little update, I really hope to be doing a much better job of keeping up my blog this summer. I really want to post some of my sewing projects and share some band video of my kiddos.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hoping for a good day...

Oh what a beautiful Saturday! I don't have to work, which is nice. I really enjoy my work, but I also enjoy these days off. I really wanted to travel with my hubby and daughter to the percussion contest they were going to, but my son has hunter's education today, so I was needed here at home. I have decided to make the most of it...well...sometime soon I am going to make the most out of it. Today will just be me and my 2 youngest kiddos. I have so many projects I want to get done and I rarely have a whole day to work on anything, so I am really hoping I won't waste this time I have. Dwayne won't be home until late, Brighton will be spending the night at a birthday party and the the girls can entertain themselves...until it is time to eat at least. Maybe we will even watch some movies...who knows...the sky is the limit for us...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny Story...

Last night before my ceramics class I decided I needed to get a little bit of shopping done. I headed over to Target, got the few little things I needed and a few things I didn't need. I still had 30 minutes to spare, so I thought I would head down to Starbucks for my FAVORITE drink...a peppermint latte with extra whipped cream. But I got distracted by Rallys on my way there and decided I was hungry and a cherry other favorite drink...would be good as well. So, I pull in, order a small cherry coke, small fry, and plain cheeseburger...I was trying to keep it cheap. I pull up to pay and wait for my food. The guy hands out a bag and in it is a sandwich and a fry...well, it looks right, so I drive off. I eat my fries on the way to class, because I hate cold fries and then park in the parking to eat my sandwich before I head into class. As soon as I open the sandwich I smell the mayo...dang, it is not a plain sandwich, Oh well...I will eat it anyways. Then as I further exam my sandwich I discover not only is it not a plain cheeseburger, it is actually a bacon double swiss burger. YES...this is great, because I really wanted a bacon sandwich, but did not want to spend the extra money. All I had to do was take the top bun off. I decided to look at the receipt to see where the mess up happened and find out that the customer in the other lane ordered a small cherry coke, a small fry and a bacon double swiss burger. What are the chances that we would order the same thing EXCEPT just the sandwiches??? I feel really sorry for that person who got my plain cheeseburger. I definitely got the better end of the deal!!

Where has February gone??

I know that time goes by fast, but there are some months that seem to go by so much faster. This final weekend of the month is jammed pack for us. Tobi has her little cheerleading show on Friday night, Saturday morning begins bright and early for Dora, Brighton and myself with Angel Food, Saturday also being Tobi's official 6th birthday, Sari has a Winter Percussion Contest, and then the day ends with Sari's first ever date going to the Sweethearts dance. Since Saturday is so busy, Tobi's little party will be on Sunday where she will have a few friends from school and probably some family over for cake and ice cream, and she WILL be the princess of the day. This weekend would also be my hubby and I's 17th anniversary, but we actually have to wait until 2012 for our next anniversary. Besides...there is no time to fit in any anniversary partying this

Work has been so crazy for me lately. I am working anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week, depending on what needs to be done. This has left little time to work on my sewing projects that I have lined up. I am taking full advantage of my day home today and I am finally sewing again. Isn't it hard sometimes when you have a hobby you just love to do, but you can't find the time to do it? I really appreciate my wonderful hubby for putting up with my sewing equipment in the living room all the time. This is really hard for my super clean freak husband. I must say, he handles it all well. I can't wait to spend another 17 years with him...and more!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am so proud!

I just spent the whole day in Muncie waiting and watching two of my kiddos perform at the solo and ensemble contests. Lucky for all of us, we got to drop Dora and Tobi off at grandma's house or we would have been listening to how bored they were. Sari's group 3 trio received a gold, Brighton's group 4 solo received a gold and Sari's group 1 solo received a silver. It was a good day for them. I never did anything like this when I was growing up, especially since I am not in any way musically inclined, but Dwayne did lots of these contests and he loves seeing his kiddos doing well at them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day #2

So, I got a wonderful surprise this week, instead of working 4 days, I only have to work 2 days, only Monday and Friday. I have been working Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays lately, but this week I got 3 whole days off in a row...what a luxury! But then what happened???? Snow...Lots and Lots of Snow!!!! So, now on 2 of my off days I have had the pleasure of having a house full of kiddos...where is the fairness in that??? I have still gotten things done, the kids really keep to themselves for the most part, playing here, playing out there in the snow...watching a movie for a few, reading the latest book that interests them. Sari, Dora, Tobi and I watched a slide show of prom dresses yesterday that girls made themselves and entered into a contest last year through JoAnn Fabrics. That was kind of fun. I worked on pillows for the youth room which are almost done. I am enjoying the time with kiddos, really I

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ready to sew...

I had high hopes for this week. A whole week with the kids in school and me not having to go to work...what more could a mom ask for? My thoughts were totally centered on sewing. I wanted to spend the whole week sewing. I don't think I had touched my sewing machine since I made this wonderful dress for Sari.

After making the dress my mom went into the hospital, holidays happened and my sewing machine got pushed back into a corner. I then thought I would get back to sewing last week, but I really don't know where that week went, but it went somewhere. I found out last week that I was going to get this week off as well and my first thought was...Yea, I will be able to sew while the kiddos are away at school. Monday came, and I quickly discovered what a mess my house had become. There were holiday leftovers to clean out of my frig, laundry to do, and a hall closet that needed cleaned up since some stupid mouse had invaded. Ok...Tuesday will be as good as any other...I will start sewing Tuesday. such luck. Between laundry, hanging out with my little buddy, Kaden and way too many hours playing on Webkinz, I still got no sewing done. But today...Today I am determined and I have already dusted off the sewing machine. I have a few small projects that need finishing before I start some new big stuff. First thing first...I had to fix Tobi's favorite hat. I don't know how it got ripped, some fight between to little girls, I try not to ask questions. Here is her fixed hat...

Next I finished up Dwayne's 18th century work shirt. I started this shirt before Sari's dress, I was about 80% done when Sari's dress took priority. So, this seriously had to be done, Dwayne has really been wanting this shirt. I will be making one of these shirts for his dad as well, but not today, I need to get some measurements before I start that one. I plan to make a bunch of these shirts to sell this next year at the 1812 re-enactment.

Next will be about 12 large pillows for the youth room. It will have to wait until Friday, because I was just reminded yesterday that I signed up to be a chaperone for a 7th grade field trip...that should be fun.