Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day #2

So, I got a wonderful surprise this week, instead of working 4 days, I only have to work 2 days, only Monday and Friday. I have been working Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays lately, but this week I got 3 whole days off in a row...what a luxury! But then what happened???? Snow...Lots and Lots of Snow!!!! So, now on 2 of my off days I have had the pleasure of having a house full of kiddos...where is the fairness in that??? I have still gotten things done, the kids really keep to themselves for the most part, playing here, playing out there in the snow...watching a movie for a few, reading the latest book that interests them. Sari, Dora, Tobi and I watched a slide show of prom dresses yesterday that girls made themselves and entered into a contest last year through JoAnn Fabrics. That was kind of fun. I worked on pillows for the youth room which are almost done. I am enjoying the time with kiddos, really I

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ready to sew...

I had high hopes for this week. A whole week with the kids in school and me not having to go to work...what more could a mom ask for? My thoughts were totally centered on sewing. I wanted to spend the whole week sewing. I don't think I had touched my sewing machine since I made this wonderful dress for Sari.

After making the dress my mom went into the hospital, holidays happened and my sewing machine got pushed back into a corner. I then thought I would get back to sewing last week, but I really don't know where that week went, but it went somewhere. I found out last week that I was going to get this week off as well and my first thought was...Yea, I will be able to sew while the kiddos are away at school. Monday came, and I quickly discovered what a mess my house had become. There were holiday leftovers to clean out of my frig, laundry to do, and a hall closet that needed cleaned up since some stupid mouse had invaded. Ok...Tuesday will be as good as any other...I will start sewing Tuesday. such luck. Between laundry, hanging out with my little buddy, Kaden and way too many hours playing on Webkinz, I still got no sewing done. But today...Today I am determined and I have already dusted off the sewing machine. I have a few small projects that need finishing before I start some new big stuff. First thing first...I had to fix Tobi's favorite hat. I don't know how it got ripped, some fight between to little girls, I try not to ask questions. Here is her fixed hat...

Next I finished up Dwayne's 18th century work shirt. I started this shirt before Sari's dress, I was about 80% done when Sari's dress took priority. So, this seriously had to be done, Dwayne has really been wanting this shirt. I will be making one of these shirts for his dad as well, but not today, I need to get some measurements before I start that one. I plan to make a bunch of these shirts to sell this next year at the 1812 re-enactment.

Next will be about 12 large pillows for the youth room. It will have to wait until Friday, because I was just reminded yesterday that I signed up to be a chaperone for a 7th grade field trip...that should be fun.