Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have been reading. I have been reading way too much. I have put off important things that need to be done, just to lose myself in a book. I really love to read, I can read the longest books in just a day or two. My husband has been very understanding, and I really appreciate that. I think I am finally coming to the end of my constant reading, and I actually want to do something that produces results that everyone can see. There was a time in my marriage that my husband actually had to strongly recommend that I not read, it was way back when my 2 oldest were much younger. I would not even look at books, I had to train myself to not even wonder what wonderful stories were out there that I might be missing. Then as the kids got older, I started reading some of the books they were reading, like Harry Potter and Twilight. I proved I was capable of doing both, reading and taking care of my family. Yet, lately, I have retreated into my constant reading stage, you would think I know better. So, I am going to work on other stuff today and try not to read much. One good thing from my love of reading, is that I have always highly encouraged my kiddos to read, and they are all big readers. I hear parents complain about their kiddos not reading and I don't say anything, this has never nor will it ever be a problem for me.