Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny Story...

Last night before my ceramics class I decided I needed to get a little bit of shopping done. I headed over to Target, got the few little things I needed and a few things I didn't need. I still had 30 minutes to spare, so I thought I would head down to Starbucks for my FAVORITE drink...a peppermint latte with extra whipped cream. But I got distracted by Rallys on my way there and decided I was hungry and a cherry other favorite drink...would be good as well. So, I pull in, order a small cherry coke, small fry, and plain cheeseburger...I was trying to keep it cheap. I pull up to pay and wait for my food. The guy hands out a bag and in it is a sandwich and a fry...well, it looks right, so I drive off. I eat my fries on the way to class, because I hate cold fries and then park in the parking to eat my sandwich before I head into class. As soon as I open the sandwich I smell the mayo...dang, it is not a plain sandwich, Oh well...I will eat it anyways. Then as I further exam my sandwich I discover not only is it not a plain cheeseburger, it is actually a bacon double swiss burger. YES...this is great, because I really wanted a bacon sandwich, but did not want to spend the extra money. All I had to do was take the top bun off. I decided to look at the receipt to see where the mess up happened and find out that the customer in the other lane ordered a small cherry coke, a small fry and a bacon double swiss burger. What are the chances that we would order the same thing EXCEPT just the sandwiches??? I feel really sorry for that person who got my plain cheeseburger. I definitely got the better end of the deal!!

Where has February gone??

I know that time goes by fast, but there are some months that seem to go by so much faster. This final weekend of the month is jammed pack for us. Tobi has her little cheerleading show on Friday night, Saturday morning begins bright and early for Dora, Brighton and myself with Angel Food, Saturday also being Tobi's official 6th birthday, Sari has a Winter Percussion Contest, and then the day ends with Sari's first ever date going to the Sweethearts dance. Since Saturday is so busy, Tobi's little party will be on Sunday where she will have a few friends from school and probably some family over for cake and ice cream, and she WILL be the princess of the day. This weekend would also be my hubby and I's 17th anniversary, but we actually have to wait until 2012 for our next anniversary. Besides...there is no time to fit in any anniversary partying this

Work has been so crazy for me lately. I am working anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week, depending on what needs to be done. This has left little time to work on my sewing projects that I have lined up. I am taking full advantage of my day home today and I am finally sewing again. Isn't it hard sometimes when you have a hobby you just love to do, but you can't find the time to do it? I really appreciate my wonderful hubby for putting up with my sewing equipment in the living room all the time. This is really hard for my super clean freak husband. I must say, he handles it all well. I can't wait to spend another 17 years with him...and more!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am so proud!

I just spent the whole day in Muncie waiting and watching two of my kiddos perform at the solo and ensemble contests. Lucky for all of us, we got to drop Dora and Tobi off at grandma's house or we would have been listening to how bored they were. Sari's group 3 trio received a gold, Brighton's group 4 solo received a gold and Sari's group 1 solo received a silver. It was a good day for them. I never did anything like this when I was growing up, especially since I am not in any way musically inclined, but Dwayne did lots of these contests and he loves seeing his kiddos doing well at them.