Monday, September 21, 2009

Koh-koh-mah 2009

We had our first event of our re-enacting season. I have been keeping busy sewing since the kiddos have started school. I still have lots that I want to work on, but I am trying to go at a slower pace so that I don't get burned out and not want to sew at all after the events are done. I have been diving into more research about fabric and clothing styles lately, reading blogs about other peoples projects and it only makes me want to sew more. I am lucky to have kiddos who love to do this with us, because I love making them clothes that they enjoy wearing for the whole weekend. I am quickly finding that I will have to make me some more clothes, because I did not have anything to change much this weekend and I really want some new stuff. Sari loves the regency clothing, which we could not wear at Koh-Koh-Mah, due to it being French & Indiana War, which is pre-regency time.

I have uploaded a few pictures from our September 18th thru 20th Koh-Koh-Mah event, there are tons more, maybe I will upload more later. I also have our Mississinewa 1812 pictures to upload soon, but I haven't even started on those yet.

Dora in her period correct cloak, with her non-period correct
Dwayne headed down earlier on Thursday than I did, he took the 3 younger kiddos, while I waited on Sari to finish trying out for the school play and finish up my own last minute projects. There is something about trying to get everything ready for that first event, it takes me forever and I run around trying to remember what all we might possibly need. Sari and I got there just as everything was unloaded and the kiddos were all hungry. Dwayne headed back home to do some work that came up last minute, he came back Friday afternoon. Anyways, the group of us went out for some pizza, then I brought back the new guy, Dennis, with me and my kiddos, while everyone else went shopping. I still had to make beds up and get things set up to be ready for the Friday school day. That was not much fun trying to do in candle light. On the ride back to camp, I apologized to Dennis about the randomness of my kiddos, they jump from one subject to the next without even a pause, he made the comment that the randomness was nothing, but he was amazed that they never stopped talking. I listened for a moment and I guess I am so use to it that I didn't realize that between the 4 of them there is never a quiet moment, when one stops talking another one starts and sometimes they don't even wait for the other ones to stop talking. Just goes to prove how good I am at multi-tasking, because I can keep track of all their discussions. I really have no idea where those kiddos get their talkativeness. Anyways, back to camp, we all changed for bed, putting away our modern clothes for until we packed up on Sunday.

Tobi sits around the fire, we all smell so much of smoke by the end of the weekend, there is just no way around it, but we love the smell of camp. I cooked breakfast everyday, which was a lot of fun for me. I love cooking over a campfire. My mom got me a cast iron tea kettle which holds lots of water for doing the dishes, that is a huge help.

Our new friend, Dennis, stands in front of his tent. We made so much fun of him because he kept bringing out stuff to set out to sell and we could not figure where it all came from in that small tent. Dora, Brighton and even Tobi helped man his selling blanket. He paid them a small amount for their time, but they just enjoyed having something to do.

Dora takes a few moments to rest on the beautiful Saturday. The only bad thing about this weekend was the dusty dirt that was just everywhere. The weather was quite nice.

Sari spends some time playing with Tobi and Cody. Cody is the son of our friends, Dave and Tammy. They have been re-enacting a lot longer than us and they have been very helpful as we try to figure out the right stuff we need. Cody loves playing with my kiddos, and Sari does such a good job entertaining the younger ones.

Here is a picture of our kitchen table, obviously I have not done the dishes yet, I must have been avoiding the work ahead of me. I bring snacky foods that can be set out to snack on all day long, cupcakes, grapes, and bread.

Dwayne and Brighton are getting ready for the day. Check out my new red kitchen cabinet back there. My hubby did an awesome job making that for me this past winter. It stores so much of my stuff and has tons of room to work as well.

Dennis had a lot of fun letting Brighton try out some of his clothes. Brighton really enjoyed this since usually only the girls get to dress up in cool clothes and because he is growing so fast I don't make him anything fancy. Dennis was just about Brighton's size and had tons of clothes with him.

Brighton looks very flamboyant here...

This is an inside look at our tent. The little girls bunk beds.

This is how close they sleep to our rope bed.

These 3 stacked boxes are our dresser, they come apart to be carried separately, but hold a great deal of our clothes. Dwayne worked hard on these as well this past winter. After this weekend he had to make Sari her own trunk for her great many clothes.

Here is an inside look to our rope bed. It is more comfortable than it looks, although we are going to have to make some modifications soon. Still need to get things worked out with it to make it a little more comfortable for Dwayne.

It was really a great weekend. We really love doing this. I love making the clothes. We have our 3rd event coming up in the next few weeks and I plan to take pictures of the kiddos in their outfits to show off all the new things I have made.