Thursday, August 26, 2010

First week of school...first week of work...

I have finished my first full week of work and by 3:30pm tomorrow my kiddos will be home from their first full week of school. I think we have all done well with this week. First off, my kiddos have done the dishes and straightened up the living room without being asked every day this week. I think that is awesome!!! Plus, I think, notice I said think...not know, that every one has been doing their homework every day. This is such a good start! I am enjoying my 8am to 1pm work day. I know it has been about 5 years since I have done any medical coding, but it is coming back to me so quickly and I am really enjoying it. Today the weather was slightly cooler making me want to actually cook again, so I made us some cubed steak, asparagus and french fries. Dwayne took all the kiddos outside to help him set up all our canvas tents so they could air out before our first re-enactment. We will all probably sleep out in the tents this weekend. I am so excited. It also makes me realize that I really need to sew. Tobi's bodice is pretty much done. So, Saturday I will probably show Dora how to finish the eye holes for the lacing on it while I make a bodice for her.

Dwayne and I were discussing how nice it is to know that we will have 4 weekend camping trips set aside this fall for our family. We camp with another family or 2 and that makes it so much fun. It is funny how when you tell people that you can't do something because you are camping, they don't always take it serious, but when you tell people that you are re-enacting, then that is different. Which is true, re-enactments are only available at certain times. I am just thankful that we are into the re-enactments, because we can always depend on these 4 weekends for our family when all the rest of our lives are stay so busy.