Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 Events down...1 to go...

It has been a good time. We have had some wonderful events so far and we are looking for to the last one coming up on November 5th. I did not get as much made as I wanted to. Working, keeping up with the kiddos and the house, and then just attending and preparing for each event has taken a toll on my time. The little girl's had just enough clothing to make it through the weekends, Brighton is seriously in need of new clothes, but I was able to purchase a used wool coat off of a friend that will get Brighton through this year.

I took the hem out of Dora and Tobi's blue dresses this year,
so Tobi wore that quite a bit.

Brighton looked awesome in the used coat that I bought off of Dennis,
or as we call him...Uncle Dennis.

I added some hook and eyes to Sari's Regency gowns and I think that will make them look much better on her. There has always been a gap on the back with just tying them. Plus, Dwayne looks awesome in his new purple homespun shirt.

My girls are begging for something here, but they look cute with me anyways.