Monday, July 6, 2009

So much for daily updates...

Around our house things stay busy. The kiddos last day of school was June 12th, after a busy weekend, they headed off to my parent's house on Monday, June 15th. On Wednesday, June 17th, I got rid of our 2 cats....they had just pushed me too far, and then I picked my kiddos up from my parents on Thursday, June 18th and broke the news to them about the cats. They took it well.

We had another good and busy weekend, the kiddos and I packed up the van and headed out to Georgia to visit a friend of mine. Twelve and half hours later we arrived in Georgia. My kiddos travel great!!! Even with the fact that we have no air conditioning in our van....I know, I know...this is just horrible of me, but I don't do well with air conditioning and my poor kiddos suffer because of it. They did great though, no real fighting, we only had 3 stops and they did not complain, what more can a mom ask for??? We spent our first day just hanging out at my friend's house, then on Wednesday we headed to Tybee Island over by Savannah, GA. At first we had trouble finding a parking place, because the place my friend normally parks at was closed because they were filming a disney movie, so we had to find another parking area. Once we got parked we headed out to the beach. I must say, I am not fond of sand....I know...I know, I'm weird, people tell me all the time and I'm ok with We spent 2 hours on the beach and I'm sure the kids would have spent more time, but we really wanted to head back into Savannah and check out some of the historical sights before we started the 3 hour car drive back to my friend's house. Savannah is very cool! We only got a small taste of the history, but it was fascinating. We spent Thursday chilling at my friend's house, so we would be rested up for the 12 hour drive on Friday back home. Once kiddos did great on the drive home. Dora and Brighton only got a little restless as we got near home, but still the kiddos traveled great. We did those 12 hours again, with only 3 stops....amazing!

We got home late Friday night, and even though we had been in the car for over 30 hours in 5 days, we still wanted to do something on Saturday. Off to Conner Prairie on Saturday we went. With a family our size it only cost us a dollar more to get a family year membership, so I am betting the kiddos and I will take some days this summer and go back. It was a great day!

Monday, June 29 Dora went back to violin lessons, this very good for her to keep up with this summer. The week was an easier week for us. I have been sewing again and it feels so good. I made Brighton a new shirt and fitted a pair of Dwayne's pants britches that were big to fit Brighton, started a new wisket(vest) for Brighton, and finished a chemise for me. The fourth of July weekend was a good one. The kiddos spent Friday night with Dwayne's parents and we picked them up early on Saturday to do a day trip to Corydon, IN for a comments on that The day trip ended early, so after picking up some "regular" clothes for Dwayne and I, we went to an Imax theatre to watch Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen. Brighton was sooooo excited. It was a good movie, I could have done without some parts of showing off people's bodies, but oh well. Another late night home met with a late morning. Sunday was spent lazy like...just a nice grilled linner as Dora calls it (lunch + dinner = linner) and lots of movies. We had to head to bed early because Dwayne has to be up early for work.

Now, we are heading into the month of July full of marching band practices and contests. It will be a busy time for my family, but we are looking forward to it. I can't believe how quickly the summer is going already, but at least we are enjoying it!