Monday, November 3, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend!!

Where has this week gone?
We had an absolute fantastic weekend last weekend. The weather was so nice and it was a very relaxing weekend. The kids had a good time. Pastor Kris was showing his deluxe accommodations from his vacation, so I thought I would show off ours.

Saturday at camp.

Inside the tent, Dwayne rests on our wonderful rope bed.

Camp on Sunday morning.

Camp at Night.

Amazingly the kiddos can have fun, even without electronics, just doing some chasing, hiking and rolling down the hills.

Brighton leads Tobi, his prisoner, around.

The kids rest at the end of the hill after rolling down it many times.

We had a beautiful hike.

A quick photo spot during the hike.

A little rest after our hike.

A quiet Sunday morning, all the kiddos had something to do.

How about a little "guess what I am drawling"?

Brighton spends quality time cleaning wax off the table, at least he gets to use his knife...

Tobi plays her new flute, which mysteriously disappeared on the way home... :)

It was our last re-enactment for the year, but we are looking forward to many more next year.

P.S. Work is really picking up, so I may be a little slow in blog updates.