Thursday, November 11, 2010

The season is closed!

Our official re-enacting season is finished for this year. We ended on a cold but beautiful weekend. Friday night was just freezing! The girls slept in our big tent with our big heater, Dwayne and I slept in Sari's tent, and Brighton slept in his diamond fly. My feet froze all night, Dwayne woke up at one point and stated that we needed more wool blankets, that one blanket was not enough. I told him that he was suppose to have FOUR blankets, so then I had to find all the blankets he had kicked off. Brighton woke up Saturday morning with frost on his socks...that just happened to be on his feet! The sun came out on Saturday and warmed us all up. Saturday night we talked Brighton into sleeping in the big tent and Dwayne and I used our 2 small propane heaters to warm up our smaller tent. Sunday was another beautiful day and we were able to pack up in record time. This is a very low maintenance weekend, the event provides dinner for us on Saturday night, so I did not even have much cooking to do. Our new friends this year brought us some yummy snacks and we really just enjoyed winding down from a great season.