Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry, is that 2 words or 3? No matter how many there are, they can be the hardest words to say sometimes, but the words we most long to hear sometimes. Even at a young age it is really hard to say these words. I can remember trying to get my little ones to say "sorry" to a sibling they had just hurt, or even to someone else that they did something to that they should not have. I have watched other parents try to get their little ones to just say "I'm sorry" and then they would no longer be in trouble, but those mouths seem to clamp shut and their eyes seem to lock and there is no way they are saying anything. Why in the world is it so hard to say such simple words? Even as parents, we find there are times that we have messed up, grounded or punished when maybe we should not have and it is time for us to say those words to our children. Then there comes the time to say them to our spouse, even if we did not realize we did something that hurt them or if we did know and did it anyways.

Personally, I tend to be an apologizing kind of person. I like to smooth things over and keep peace. It doesn't always go as smoothly as I want it to. Although, I have had to make myself say I was sorry to the kiddos a few times and I did find that harder. It was like really admitting I was wrong and made me feel really low, but I then realized it was something they needed to see, the needed the example and as much as I hate being wrong, it happens.

I really realized how good the words can be when they are said to you last week. I had never really thought about it and I have had people say sorry to me before, but there are sometimes the words come across more real. When you have to tell someone you think they owe you an apology and they immediately say one, it really doesn't feel real. Yet, when someone realizes on their own and says those words, it can feel so soothing. Still, we have to choose to accept the words, decide to forgive and then work past the hurt to move on to healing, which can be a whole another thing

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