Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Sewing Project

I am working on a new bodice for Tobi, this is just being pieced together. I have one half sewn together and the other half is ready to be sewn together. I still need to cut out a new bodice for Dora. Right now I have been taking stitches out of material that I have bought at rummage sales. I love picking up curtains and table cloths at rummage sales that I can use to make clothing from, I have to find 100% natural material, cottons, linens and silks. I am always searching for any material I can find,
and I keep it stored up for when I need it for the next project.

My Garden!

Just a few things out of my garden this year!
Dwayne has built me this most awesome fenced in garden with
a cute little gate. I am learning a few things this year,
like next year I will not plant pumpkins, because they have
taken over my garden. Plus, I really need to get in and keep it weeded. I am really enjoying my tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and the occasional green bean. I should have enough today to make a small batch of salsa, with even my own home grown cilantro.
I am so grateful to Dwayne for building me the garden,
so that no rabbits could invade it.

Marching Band!

Band Season!
I have 3 kiddos in band this year and they are doing great!
I love being involved with the band and helping out. I have many years ahead of me in band. I am not a musically talented person, but I love watching my family perform. We are still waiting to see what Tobi is going to do, but I am thinking she may go into guard, which would be a new world for me. This year Sari is the Drum Major, which has to be a proud moment for Dwayne, because he was a Drum Major as well. Brighton is playing Baritone and is doing well with it. Dora is doing well in her first year of marching band playing Trumpet. She is the shortest one out there, but she keeps up well with everyone.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Great Weekend!

I have begun on my sewing projects. After taking lunch to my band kiddos, I started working on new re-enacting clothes for Tobi, I got a new bodice and skirt cut out for her. I also did some cleaning on my sewing desk to make it easier to work on projects that are up coming. Brighton definitely needs a new wool coat and a new work shirt. After dinner with Brighton and Dora, Dwayne and I went over to our friend's house to hang out and I took along my sewing basket. It is so easy to sit and chat while I take out stitches, so I took out stitches on two items for Tobi since she as grown so much this year. It was so nice to sit out on our friend's back porch, enjoy conversation, and the wonderful view at their house. We hung out for a couple of hours, traded humorous stories, and shared our views on different subjects concerning God. I love talking about God, I love thinking outside the normal box that people try so hard to put God in, being with people who want to serve and grow in Christ, and who just need to relax on a beautiful night that God has given us to enjoy.

Sunday morning brought church and it is my Sunday to run our visual part of church. I went in early to finish up some of my slide presentations. I love working in the audio visual department of our church. This is just awesome to me! This past week, I also did the visual and the audio for Vacation Bible School, which was a stretch for me, since I don't normally do the audio side. I love learning the new stuff. At church today, we actually had a power outage half way through the first service, but it happened during the offering and the open worship time. So, although Satan could have been messing with our worship service and try to mess with us, God redeemed it during the perfect time that it did not mess too much up for the church service. We were able to quickly bring everything back up to what was needed to push the service out online. In case anyone is ever looking for a church service online, check out on Sundays. I work the visual slide shows every first and third Sundays of the month. I really love working this area. I would work it more often, but I need to give other people a chance to serve as well. Today was also important to me, since Dwayne was talking about his trip to Kenya. It was a wonderul service about traveling to different countries for missions. I know my kiddos all want to travel to different countries to serve God and I am excited for that. Even though I have not felt the call to go to another country on a mission trip yet, today I really wanted to go to another country to adopt a child. Some day I see our family adopting children from other cultures and loving them, but not sure when it will come to true. I am grateful for the good weekend. Dwayne got more work done on his woodworking workshop out in the garage, I got some work done on my sewing and listening to Mars Hill church sermons, the kiddos worked on band stuff and got to relax, and to finish the weekend off we will be heading over to my grandparent Wright's house to celebrate their 75th Birthdays. I can't wait to see what we get done this next week!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time To Sew...

Kids grow, we all know this, but this year I am really noticing it. I make all of our re-enacting clothes and Tobi is showing me that it looks like it is time for some new clothes.

Things are just looking short on her this year. I might be able to get away with some short skirts and chemises, but I am thinking at least one outfit that is longer is going to be wise at this point. Just wait until Dora gets home from band and tries on her clothes, that will be another new outfit probably. And what are the chances that any of Brighton's clothes fit from last year?? Not very Yep, I really have some sewing to do and I am excited about it!