Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life got messed up...

So, we had a great time in Goshen. It was a little frustrating setting our stuff up in the rain, but we pulled together and with some help form our re-enacting buddies we got it all set up and we all slept in the main tent that first night. It was chilly and rainyish on Friday, so the school kids came a little later. There were no battles, because not enough indians showed up across the way for us to fight against. That was fine, the guys showed the students the guns and how they shot, explained pirate life and I even showed them how to keep a fire going with my cool blow tube. I got my picture in the Elkhart newspaper cool! We even got to do a tiny bit of shopping and met a new guy that sold the coolest pewter buttons. We invited him to come visit our camp and he enjoyed biscuits and gravy with us Saturday morning. By the end of the weekend we had bought $30 worth of buttons, but they were so cool. Saturday was still chilly and had bits of rain, but we got some visitors which was really nice. Sunday was just a positively beautiful day!! The sun was out and it was warming up. This was great because it made packing up so much easier. I will try and post some pictures from the weekend soon.

Then Monday happened! Like so many Mondays after a re-enactment, we were all tired, so I let the kiddos sleep in until 7am instead of getting them up at 6:30am and just planned to take them to school. Sari left in her car to head off to school while I got the kiddos ready to take. Dwayne had some extra work that needed to be done, so he was staying home as well. Then came the phone call, the call you really never want to get, a police officer telling you that your child has just been in an accident and you need to come and be with her. We all loaded up into the van, not knowing what to expect, it was not pretty, the whole front of the car was totalled and my darling daughter was covered in blood, but she was walking. She had done some serious damage to her mouth, she knew it was her fault, she was upset and sorry, but from what we could tell no one was seriously hurt, no one left the scene with the ambulance. After chatting with the EMT, we decided to take Sari to the dentist to have her mouth looked at. Getting home we decided her nose needed to be looked at as well, we went off to to a walk-in clinic and discovered that yes, she did have a broken nose and a nice gash in her chin that needed stitched up and then went off to the dentist. One look at her and he sent us off to the emergency room because he said the jaw was definitely broken and there was nothing he could do. One cat scan later proved that her jaw was broken in 3 areas which sent us off to Indy to another doctor because there was no one at Ball hospital that could help us. We got lost trying to find the hospital we were suppose to be at, we finally got there and you could tell they were waiting very excitedly for Sari, they were IUPUI students and they were ready to tackle this broken jaw. The 2 students we got, quickly put Sari to ease, the female doctor was foreign, we are thinking German, was Sari's absolute favorite, but the male doctor was very nice trying to explain things to me. I laugh, because each time we go in, they still call me mom instead of by my name. They tried to close her jaw that day in the office, but it could not be done without causing too much pain, so we went back on Wednesday for her to be put under and have it closed. She has now had her jaw wired shut for just over 2 weeks and has 4 more weeks to go. We go back to the office each week to have her looked at, where she gets to see her favorite doctor. The liquid diet she is on is hard, but she is keeping up good spirits through it all and I am very proud of her. Dwayne has joined her on her diet, which is very good of him, but very hard on him. I am struggling with even wanting to cook, so I am looking into more soup like recipes. I am sure my family will be tired of soup, but oh well, we are all trying to show the best support that we can.

So, this has kind of set us back some. We have some serious bills to be paying off, but such is the way of life. We are just glad that Sari is healthy and alive. Life is finally settling back down into a regular routine for us. It has been nice to see God's hand in all this, a very good reminder to us, since sometimes you can forget that God has His hand in your life at all times.